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Bachelor’s Degree


Master’s Degree

Pi.A. (Ph.D. Degree)


Born in 1992, Samsun/Turkey. After graduating from the Samsun High School of Fine Arts, he studied for a Bachelor’s in Art Education at Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University. During his Bachelor’s, he studied visual communication and design at Siauliai University in Lithuania. After returning from Lithuania, he completed his Master’s degree in Graphic Design at Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University. In his interdisciplinary master’s thesis, he researched the effectiveness of digital illustrations in the development of social skills and was awarded a one-year research grant for his thesis. Finally, he graduated from Hacettepe University, defending his doctoral thesis on augmented reality and museums.

Since 2019, he is regularly organizing international poster design competitions on behalf of the university he works for every year. Thousands of designers from nearly 50 countries apply to the competitions organized to raise awareness about social problems such as violence, the importance of water, and the protection of nature. It has participated in 41 competitions and exhibitions, 11 of which are national and 30 of which are international, and has achieved 3 international degrees. He is also an honorary member of international graphic design associations in the People’s Republic of China, Mexico, and Peru.

He worked in the graphic design office of Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University, Rectorate unit. Currently, he is working as a research assistant in the Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University Fine Arts Education Department. Teaches graphic design, printmaking, calligraphy, and perspective in the Fine Arts Education Department.



2014, JAPAN, ShowUsYourType Tokyo Edition Exhibition
2015, TURKEY, Intography Photography Exhibition
2016, GREECE, II. International Thessaloniki Art  Symposium 
2017, TURKEY, ‘’Together’’ Group Exhibition
2017, GREECE, IV. Athens Art & Art Education Symposium Ed. 
2017, GERMANY, VI. Berlin Art & Art Education Symposium Ed. 


2018, TURKEY, Bolu Intography Photography Exhibition
2018, JAPAN, International Japan Group Exhibition
2018, TURKEY, III. INES International Group Exhibition
2018, TURKEY, Contrast Magazine Exclusive Interview
2018, TURKEY, ‘’His Thesis’’ in Higher Education Original Article
2018, TURKEY, Science Research Scholarship (BAIBU-BAP) Research Project
2018, TURKEY, VIII. International Koroglu Symposium Ed. Board
2018, TURKEY, International Canik Music Festival Ed. Board
2018, UKRAINE, VIII. Odessa Art and Art Education Symposium Ed. Board
2019, TURKEY, Master Degree Group Exhibition
2019, TURKEY, XIV. PDR Students Symposium Ed. Board
2019, TURKEY, Kıbrıscık Research Symposium Ed. Board
2019, TURKEY, VI. International History Education Ed. Board
2019, CYPRUS, Cyprus Ministry Workshop Education
2019, MEXICO, ShowUsYourType Mexico Edition Exhibition


2020, FRANCE, ShowUsYourType Lyon Edition Exhibition
2020, CHINA, International Commonweal Poster Design Exhibition
2020, CHINA, N-Cov 2020 Welfare Poster Design Exhibition
2020, TURKEY, IV. International 19 May Group Competition
2020, TURKEY, VIII. International Plant Protection Congress Ed. 
2020, TURKEY, VII. Social Education Symposium Ed. Board
2020, TURKEY, BoluArtHall BIAH 2020 Poster Design Competition 
2020, TURKEY, III. International Musical Research Congress Ed. 
2020, IRELAND, Google Ireland Ads Web Cooperation Award #1
2020, USA, Grid Blank Poster Design Competition
2020, PERU, Libro Miradas de Pandemia Social Distance
2020, USA, Posters on Politics #1 Winner
2020, POLAND, 16. International Jazz Day Poster Design
2020, PERU, Escuha mi Voz Poster Design Competition
2020, CHINA, Chinese New Year Poster Design Competition
2020, USA, Stay Safe Stay Sane Poster Design Competition
2020, USA, Biophilia Poster Design Competition
2020, CHINA, Coronavirus 100 Poster Poster Design Exhibition
2020, POLAND, EtnaKrakow Poster Design Competition #2 Winner
2020, INDIA, DCDC Category : Visual Design #1 Winner
2020, INDIA, DCDC Category: Child Book Design & Illustration Design #1 Winner
2021, TURKEY, International SAYRED ‘Ataturk in Edirne’ Group Exhibition
2021, CHINA, International Public Poster Design Exhibition of Lei Spirit
2021, TURKEY, International Poster Design Exh. Constellation, Çanakkale
2021, TURKEY, 2nd Erciyes Art Fair Juried Exh. Erciyes University
2021, TURKEY, National Anthem Ex-Libris Competition, Istanbul
2021, AZERBAIJAN, Shusha is the City of Azerbaijan Poster Design
2021, ECUVADOR, SIGNU Cartelismo Poster Design Contest